The Yogalete Intensive Training is designed to meet the specific needs of all types of athletes. This training is geared for yoga teachers seeking to work within and grow their understanding of the sports industry.

Upcoming Trainings

September 14-16 at Studio B (Hershey, PA). Click here


The Teacher Experience

Participants will be given tools to communicate, teach, and support athletes through prescriptive yoga. Teachers will leave being able to confidently deliver a yoga program that caters to athletes’ goals and current training regimens, while increasing their competitive edge. This training educates participants about the sports industry’s ins and outs and gives them the tools to properly create their own athlete-based yoga program. Teachers will learn the structure of the Yogalete sequence and how to effectively deliver it in the context of various sports. The Yogalete Intensive Training breaks down the proper work-rest cycles that are essential for injury prevention while delivering powerful techniques to motivate athletes. Participants will also learn about various breathing/meditation techniques, common injuries, and areas of concerns, as well as how to effectively prescribe yoga.

The Yogalete Intensive Training is accredited under Yoga Alliance.

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