What is Yogalete?

Yogalete is a prescriptive yoga program designed to enhance and protect athletes on and off the field. Our sequencing specializes and co-exists with the demands of each sport's seasonal routines and current strength and conditioning programs. Athletes will step on to their mat and emerge with the benefits of an active recovery yoga program that is scientifically supported. Yogalete focuses on dynamic mobility, body alignment, and key breathing techniques to optimize athletic performance while restoring/preventing injuries.

Meet The Creator


Lizzy Chiappy is a dedicated professional health and fitness leader who is passionate about integrating the benefits of yoga into athletes’ lives. As the founder of Yogalete, Lizzy has incorporated years of experience, multiple fitness certifications, and research studies with the University of Miami to create an active recovery yoga program specifically geared towards athletes. Lizzy has taken her skills to the classroom, teaching about the effects of yoga as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami. She has facilitated over 700 athletes ranging from youth and collegiate to amateur and professional sports. As a lululemon athletica ambassador and a STOP sports injuries affiliate, Lizzy strives to deliver effective programming and training to athletes, athletic staff, and yoga teachers.

Our Team

Our Yogalete


Yogalete’s team is comprised of unique and hyper-qualified individuals that bring their own personal sports backgrounds, science-based educations, and trainings into their Yogalete teaching. All staff members are certified as RYT 200 yoga teachers in addition to their certification in the Yogalete Intensive Training Program. From professional dancers, trained nurses, science teachers, and retired collegiate athletes, the Yogalete team is dedicated to providing essential active recovery based yoga to all types of athletes.

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Big ups to our #yogaletefamily @fiuvolleyball on their win against Southern Mississippi over the weekend! 🐾 💙💪 We see you with the moves, on the court and on the yoga mat 👏👀 #yogaforathletes #fiu #volleyball #stopsportsinjuries
New York are you ready? 
Our #yogalete instructor @flowwj0 has got you covered. Athletes, teams, schools, and weekend warriors integrate our Yogalete Program into your strength and conditioning routine. See results on the mat and on the field. Interested in learning more? Email jessica@yogaletetraining.com #newyorkyoga #youthathletes #yogaforathletes #stopsportsinjuries
@fiuvolleyball is in that sweet Savasana 🙏✨ Many volleyball injuries occur to overuse moves like spiking, diving, and blocking (repetitive motions). There are several ways to reduce these type of injuries including: proper strength training, proper gear, rest, and yoga.  #yogalete #yogaforathletes #fiu #volleyball #stopsportsinjuries
Our @cavaliernation family is getting it IN this season 💪🏈 For the last two years, our instructor @virgxx has been stretching out the CGHS football team. It’s so important to incoorwte active recovery in youth sports to better pretext and preserve growing bodies and careers. Keep it up fam! We love seeing your dedication show up on the field. ❤️ #yogalete #yogaforathletes #football #strengthandconditioning 📸 @catalinajoy