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Yogalete is a program that Lizzy Chiappy created to integrate prescriptive stretching with athletes' trainings.



  • Taking a Yogalete class at the University of Miami with Lizzy Chiappy was an incredible experience. Trying Yogalete for the first time, I was hopeful it would improve my flexibility, balance, and core strength. Lizzy made sure it did just that. Translating into football, I could feel a difference in my game that directly correlated to my gains in yoga.

    Braxton Berrios

    University of Miami Football Player

  • The University of Miami women’s tennis team has been practicing Yogalete for the past three seasons. During this time, we have noticed incredible results that have included: increased strength, flexibility, and better breathing techniques. Our instructor has taken the time to know each of the players on a personal basis and has been communicating with our strength and conditioning coach. We are consistently a top 15 program in Division I athletics, showcasing the elite athletes that the Yogalete program works with.

    Paige Yaroshuk

    University of Miami Women’s Tennis Head Coach

  • Yogalete helped me tremendously! As a soccer player my hips have always been tight. Thanks to Yogalete, I was able to focus on alleviating tightness in my hips, which has a direct impact on my sport. The sport-focused approach is what makes Yogalete so beneficial. I firmly believe utilizing Yogalete helped aid my recovery and flexibility, which in turn made me faster! I’ve been playing soccer professionally in two different countries--Japan last season and now Iceland. I’ve taken what I’ve learned from Yogalete to help keep my body at an elite level.

    Shannon McCarthy

    Professional Soccer Player for Selfoss, Iceland

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